Mandate of the SIF

Mandate of the Social Investment Fund

The SIF was established to fulfil the under listed mandate:

  • To facilitate access of the poor to basic economic and social infrastructure such as schools, health centres, and services;
  • To enhance the access of the poor to financial services, especially by increasing the availability of micro-finance and capacity of micro-finance institutions;
  • To strengthen community-based organisations (CBOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), indigenous micro-finance institutions (MFIs) and local government administrations in support of the overall goal of poverty reduction;
  • Create a Social Development Fund to serve as a resource pool and channel for easy accessibility of funds by MSMEs; and
  • Provide multi-faceted consultancy services to raise additional funds to assist the poor and deprived communities in Ghana.


As outlined in Figure 3.1, SIF undertakes its core business of reducing poverty by carrying out five key programmes. These are:

  • Provision of Social and Economic Infrastructure and Services;
  • Provision of Financial Services and MSMEs Development;
  • Green Economy Initiatives
  • Capacity Building and Institutional Development; and

Consultancy services.

Core Mandate of SIF
Fig. 3.1: Core Mandate of SIF