Core Values

Principles expected to guide internal conduct of individuals in SIF, as well as its relationship with the external world, are expressed in the following core values:

i.        Professionalism Judicious use of resources; Due Diligence; Respect for time; Reliable; Loyal; Honest; Responsible; Resourceful; Innovative and creative; Strive for excellence and high quality standard; Occupational health and safety; Personal development; and Self-motivation.
ii.     Transparency and Accountability Openness, Truthfulness and Communication.
 iii.  Teamwork Mutually supportive; Working co-operatively to achieve common goal; Respecting each other’s views; Appreciative of each other’s efforts; Sharing of information and resources; and Good inter-personal relationship.
iv.   Participatory Development  Public Consultation, Participatory decision making, community ownership and sustainability.
v.      Gender Sensitivity and Inclusiveness. Non-Discrimination on basis of gender, age, religion, creed, race, disability and political ideology.
vi.   Adherence to the Principles of Green Economy The belief in the Sustainable, Justice, Dignity, Healthy Planet, Inclusion, Good Governance and Accountability, Resilience, Efficiency and Sufficiency, and Generations Principles of the Green Economy.
vii.Partnership and Collaboration Working in partnership with various stakeholders and development agencies for sustainable community-based development.