Business Development Unit of the SIF

The Consultancy program is tasked with the conception and development of proposals for the SIF in addition to the development of appropriate structure to facilitate its work.  It seeks for and answers advertisements on consultancy and project proposals and engages with the various units within the SIF as well as with individual consultants and specialists in its work of identifying and responding to project proposals. The unit engages expertise from outside when appropriate.

  1. Identification of Assignments

The unit seeks for advertisements in the Print and Electronic Media, Specialized Journals, newsletters and Websites of development organizations. It undertakes Proposal writing on specific Projects conceived by the SIF or in conjunction with a Public Institution.It also does consultancy assignment awarded to Social Investment Fund by an International or National Entity

  1. Preparation of Proposals
  • Response to Expression of Interest
  • Request for Proposals/Proposal Writing
  • Preparation of Bidding Documents
  1. Writing of project proposals:
  • Concept developed and submitted at Management meeting for discussion.
  • Development of Concepts into draft proposals and its submission for approval  to a  consultancy committee
  • With external experts from the appropriate sector.